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Ing. Jaromír Pytlík  deutsch

Tel.: +420 775 559 055
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 Mgr. Luboš Voříšek

Tel.: +420 734 200 909
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          Rok Pajic                      english, slovenian

Tel.: 602 325 955

For payments CZECH camps


+420 384 496 402

Shipping and Charges

We consent to the set price, and are aware of the following payment conditions:

Payment for training will be effected as follows:

  • Payment instructions:

    Individual training, one-day and multi-day training camp in the Czech Republic is payable only on the spot on the day of camp opening.

    Multi-day foreign training camp is payable in two parts. The non-refundable deposit for reservation, which is due immediately after ordering and a surcharge to be paid on the spot on the day the camp starts. Pay only the exact amount of SHA (SHARE) deposits, use the order number as a variable symbol. The application is valid only if both amounts are credited to the account of the organizer. 

  • To book a camp in Switzerland it is necessary to pay 100% of the camp price in CHF by bank transfer one month before the camp starts.           

PayPal payments - send the payment to info@ferrax.eu (advance and balance possible)

In case of payments on-line by PayPal via SHOPPING CART, it is always necessary to pay the entire amount of the order. For these payment methods through the shopping cart can not pay a deposit and then the balance.

  • Pay only exact sums of advances, use the order number as a variable symbol!


General informations
english, deutsch 

Lukas Hanzak

Tel.: +420 702 131 647


training content, division into courses, groups

Ing. Jaromir Pytlik

Tel.: +420 775 559 055

Skype: hockeytalent,  pytlik@ferrax.eu

Account department
payment informations

Denisa Pytlikova

Tel.: +420 775 559 066

Skype: ferrax.uctarna, pytlikova@ferrax.eu