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Ing. Jaromír Pytlík  deutsch

Tel.: +420 775 559 055
Skype status hockeytalent

 Mgr. Luboš Voříšek

Tel.: +420 734 200 909
Skype status hockeytalentacademy


          Rok Pajic                      english, slovenian

Tel.: 602 325 955

For payments CZECH camps


+420 384 496 402


What is oXyShop?

oXyShop is a proven and flexible shopping cart software. Thousands of online businesses worldwide use its extensive functionality to create optimum eCommerce solutions. With its modular, state-of-the-art and standards-based architecture, customization is easy. oXyShop is being developed by oXyOnline, the trusted Open Source eCommerce company.

OXID eShop Community Edition

This copy of OXID eShop is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). Briefly summarized, the GPL gives you the right to use, modify and share this copy of OXID eShop. If you choose to share OXID eShop, you may only share it under the terms and conditions of the GPL. If you share a modified version of OXID eShop, these modifications must also be placed under the GPL. Read the complete legal terms and conditions of the GPL or see OXID's GPLv3 FAQ.


General informations
english, deutsch 

Lukas Hanzak

Tel.: +420 702 131 647


training content, division into courses, groups

Ing. Jaromir Pytlik

Tel.: +420 775 559 055

Skype: hockeytalent,  pytlik@ferrax.eu

Account department
payment informations

Denisa Pytlikova

Tel.: +420 775 559 066

Skype: ferrax.uctarna, pytlikova@ferrax.eu