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Ing. Jaromír Pytlík  deutsch

Tel.: +420 775 559 055
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 Mgr. Luboš Voříšek

Tel.: +420 734 200 909
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          Rok Pajic                      english, slovenian

Tel.: 602 325 955

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+420 384 496 402


By filling in and sending of the binding application form we confirm that we have familiarized ourselves, and consent to all of the conditions for participation in training lessons or camps of the Hockey Talent Academy, as specified below.

The conditions are as follows:

  1. Each enrolled participant must have a medical certificate confirming the participant’s health fitness, declaration of the parents (statutory representatives) on the lack of infectious diseases, valid accident insurance.
  2. In case of an illness or injury in the course of training in the Hockey Talent Academy, the parents or statutory representative of the player are to ensure his/her removal from the training venue to the place of residence at their own expense on the date, which will be agreed upon with the Hockey Talent Academy.
  3. The parents are fully aware of their responsibility for the enrolled player for the whole duration of the event.
  4. The organizer of training organizes and manages only on-ice and off-ice training, the subject of the Hockey Talent Academy training is not constituted by catering, or accommodation, and is in full competence of the parents.
  5. The Hockey Talent Academy reserves the right not include considerably younger players in training.

Exclusion of the Participant:

The organizer reserves the right to exclude the participant from further training for the reasons of a major disciplinary transgression. In this case the organizer is obliged to inform the parents (statutory representatives) of the fact immediately, the organizer is not obliged to return any remaining financial sum.

Consent to the Provision of Personal Data:

We consent to the provision of the following personal data: name and surname, address of the place of residence, participant’s date of birth and personal number, telephone and electronic contact address. The Hockey School organizer declares that the data provided thereto serves only for his own needs and that they will not be provided to any third party.



Valerie Hlinovská

Tel.: +420 774 724 243


head coach

Jan Radosta

Tel.: +420 702 131 647


methodology specialist, head coach

Ing. Jaromír Pytlík

Tel.: +420 775 559 055